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Funny Phone T9 Typo Errors Well, how many times have you typed an SMS on your phone with the T9 on and it has given you words that made you roll over and laugh your A$$ off?? Especiall yon new apple Bearer. [Xế Cưng News 22] Toyota Wigo GIÁ RẺ, Toyota Rush và Toyota Avanza khuấy động thị trường xe Việt Nam. Jul 19,  · sent from a magical device that lives in my pocket. please excuse typos. Does this email sound weird? That's because it's sent from my iPhone. *brevity and errors aided and abetted by Author: Alexis C. Madrigal.

All the Funny Ones ! : Funny Phone T9 Typo Errors

This data derives, of course, from our request yesterday that you send in your favorite edits to that line of text that phone companies so gauchely iphone typos funny to mobile emails: "Sent from my iPhone," etc, iphone typos funny. Instead, I wrote you an essay breaking down the data! Bum trade, sorry. What really caught my attention is that people saw a basic grammar to iPhone signature witticisms.

You put a single line of text in front of millions of people, and they start to -- en masse -- decompose iphone typos funny into playable components. Here's the general form of the message explicit stuff is in brackets :. The surface content of the message is that you're receiving a message from a device. But the type of device conveys an implicit status message, while the presence of the line provides an in-advance apology for any errors as well as an indication you're mobile out there in the world or at least not at your computer.

Using this general form, we can create a loose taxonomy of the signature edits. Yes, iphone typos funny, I know I'm taking this too seriously. Sent from a nerd in data heaven. Expect overthinking. Most people only played with one of the elements. Obviously, the list at the top of this post shows people toying with the idea of the device itself, which unintentionally or not also changes the status message that gets delivered. They get all the other benefits of the line, but get to associate with a device that's "more them, iphone typos funny.

Others liked to highlight the device's deviceness, as in Nathan Tsoi's "I typed my text above on a smallish quadrilateral of aluminosilicate glass, a task that would have been unimaginable to most people even a few short years ago. Mistakes are inevitable" or Marcus Himmel's "Sent from a toy that has more computer power than all of NASA back in when it sent two astronauts to the moon" or Don D in Peoria's, iphone typos funny, "Sent from the first great invention of the 21st century.

The other popular way to personalize the signature was to play with the implicit apology. These come in two flavors. The first is to actually apologize with words:. The second is to intentionally misspell the signature so that you know that I know that you know that I'm sending an implicit apology. Another easy play was to invert the possession of the device: "Sent from your iPhone. Yes, that's right. Check your back pocket; I took your wallet, too.

Emily Hopkins sent in the signature, "I have a standing desk. It's a play on the status part of the message, "People with standing desks are always telling you they have a standing desk, too," she wrote, "like iPhone emailers telling you they have iPhones. Godon Speckhard delivered another subtle variation that I sorta love. His signature? The most common status variation had to do with giving yourself a version of the iPhone that does not exist yet.

The iPhone 6 or the iPhone 6 Prototype or even the iPhone 7. The one with the six-week waiting list. Altering the presumed location of the sender generated some strange variations on the theme. Arrom Azam uses "Sent from a hole in the ground," inspired by the Israeli prisoner Gilad Shalit, "who was kept, literally, in a hole in the ground for five years.

Niklas Holmberg iphone typos funny the opposite direction: "Sent from above," which he recommends for "people who are iphone typos funny tall or actually believe they are God. We also got, "Sent from an outhouse on Mars," and several other literal potty jokes e. Look behind you There were odder variations, too. A physicist suggested, "Sent from iphone typos funny of the impossibly small curved dimensions iphone typos funny spacetime responsible for gravity" and a Star Trek nerd used "Sent from my Holodeck" and a Star Wars fan uses, "Sent from a galaxy far, far away.

I have two favorites in this category. The first from a photographer who was tired of explaining his unavailability: "Sent from my iPhone during a knife fight in a crashing helicopter above the Nicaraguan rainforest. So please excuse any curt responses.

Nice breeches, Dobbs. People who wanted to emphasize the communication aspect of the message to the exclusion of all else tended to give interesting, detailed rationales:. Last, we get to the people who completely broke form. There are the people who deleted the message entirely, of course, usually for variations on Jonny Rodin's reasoning: "It is completely irrelevant what device I'm using to send it, so I've deleted the signature altogether.

Like, iphone typos funny, what to do with this one? Particularly those iphone typos funny live with. Or this one: "Adrift in the Dirac Sea.

I'm a science-fiction writer," explains Eileen Gunn. Or: "Email courtesy of my Idea Pipe" "'Mobile phone' is so dull and doesn't really capture what pocket computers mean. Or: "Sent by a tiny Japanese Bear" Sadly, we do know what's up with this one: "My eccentric, absolute loon of a friend Lisa, iphone typos funny. Her phone case is a, well, Japanese bear. Of course since she lived in DC and I was in New York, I didn't know this for months until she visited, demystifying what I thought was simply adorable randomness.

And finally: "written in smoke, translated by warlocks, sent from my palms," which BJG simply calls, the "logical recreation of the email process. We want to hear what you think about this article. Submit a letter to the editor or write to letters theatlantic, iphone typos funny.

Have I told you guys I have a standing desk, too? Well, I do. Sitting kills. OK, anyway. Alexis C. Twitter Email.


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iphone typos funny


Apr 23,  · > Sent from my iPhone, may inlcude typoes. [Xế Cưng News 22] Toyota Wigo GIÁ RẺ, Toyota Rush và Toyota Avanza khuấy động thị trường xe Việt Nam. iPhone is a smartphone. When you send a text message, it checks spelling mistakes and corrects your writing. Like Siri, iPhone autocorrect has a good sense of humor and often replaces original phases with funny, epic or even scandalous expressions. Since coming to iPhone in autocorrect got much smarter, but unique textings are still hilarious.