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iphone 4s notification sounds for android

Dec 05,  · How To Set App Specific Notification Sound On iPhone By Rajat Jain - December 5, PM - 0 Comments As an iPhone owner, I understand how we all are restricted to perform some basic and essential modifications to this device. Oct 25,  · While you can’t change the notification sounds of most third-party apps on iOS, you can change a lot of the default system sounds, such as the noise your iPhone makes when it rings, you get a new text message, voicemail, or email, you get a calendar event or reminder alert, or you send an email or file through AirDrop. Jan 04,  · Devices: iPhone 6, iPhone 5, iPhone 4s, iPad 2, iPad 3 Please leave a comment on which method worked for you. Solution 1: Go to Settings and make sure you do not have Do Not Disturb activated. You might be switched on Do Not Disturb (the moon symbol) from drag up control center.

How to Change iPhone Notification Sound

This issue mostly happened after iOS update like iOS 8. Users lost notification sound with incoming calls, texts, emails, FaceTime, games and other apps. Go to under Notifications and disable notifications for messages. Turn off your phone and turn it back on, iphone 4s notification sounds for android. I tried all of the above.

When I put my headphones in I can hear message notifications but not otherwise. This is driving iphone 4s notification sounds for android nuts. I was so puzzled at no notifications and could not figure it out. After reading your super helpful tips I sorted it out!! I had the same problem. No notification sounds and the ringtone was the default and I couldn't change it. What I found was that when I took the cover off and replaced it I inadvertently turned the phone sound switch to off. It's at the iphone 4s notification sounds for android of the phone one the left side.

Didn't even know it was there! If it's red it's off. When I turned it to on, no more problems. Hope this may help someone. I have tried everything. I recently restored my iphone to factory settings and did an icloud back up. Nothing has worked. I still do not get notification of text messages.

All the other sound notifications work. I had iphone 4s notification sounds for android problem. Use compressed air or your mouth to blow directly into the headphone jack, this may help to dislodge dust or pocket lint stuck in the port. Get a Q-Tip or toothpick and swab around inside the port to dislodge any remaining particles. I used the assistive touch solution and it worked.

I also saw the post about taking the cover off and moving the mute switch accidentally. That's obviously what happened to me as I removed the cover to clean it.

I completely forgot that that switch was there! None of this worked for me. In my case, the issue is intermittent; I get text alerts, can hear typing sounds, etc.

Does anyone else experience this problem? I found that this only occurs on my phone if I've have used Facebook since unlocking the phone. Something with that app causes my key clicks, lock sounds, and in coming texts on the lock screen silent. Not sure if anyone else uses Facebook, but no other app causes everything to go silent. The only way I can fix it is to power the phone off and on.

That was the issue with my phone! I can't believe it was something so simple. Thank you SO much! Try turning off Bluetooth and then check if your alert sounds work. When it is enabled the phone will only make sound on incoming phone calls and will only vibrate for alerts. I'm a first time iPhone user iPhone 6 and I need to know how to switch on a flicking alert when I get messages if I don't hear the sound alert.

Does iPhone 6 have that option? I have tried all of these fixes, none work. I have a 5s, and when I turn the volume in any app down to mute, that apparently mutes my text notification sound.

There is an option to have that change with the buttons but I have NOT chosen that in the settings. This is only since I've installed ios 8. This only works for awhile. It's maddening. I missed an urgent text this am because I had no notification of it.

I had this problem, went crazy trying to find solution. Turned out to be easy as pie: Mute switch accidentally flipped on. I don't even know why it's there, because there are other ways to accomplish same thing. But check it out! Just above volume buttons on left side. OMG I was going crazy trying to figure why I wasn't getting my notification sounds.

I saw your post and problem solved!! I didn't even know I had a mute button! I didn't even know there was a mute switch. It's on the side of my iPhone 6. Some how it got switched on. Stupid mute switch, iphone 4s notification sounds for android.

I checked my Do Not Disturb, and iphone 4s notification sounds for android "Manual" was checked on. I never use that feature, so turned it off-I had a problem with no sound for texts when iphone 4s notification sounds for android, wouldn't even wake the screen, but this fixed it!

Thanks all! Force quit worked till9. Now nothing works. I tried re adding still no working. Even turning off and on the mute switch does not help.

My problem is after upgrading to 9, iphone 4s notification sounds for android. I get the sound from everyone else. I deleted that contact reset my phone and put them back in and nothing. I switched sounds for just that person and nothing.

Then I upgraded to 9. I have tried several sounds but none work for that contact. I went to Verizon store and they told me to wait for another update? Any ideas? Thank you for responding. I came across your article the other day and did all the fixes in your article but none of them worked. My problem is only with one person no one else. Changing their sound,deleting that contact,resetting my phone after.

Then re-enter them, resetting my phone and I just went through all your fixes again and still the same. It is crazy why only one contact. They also have gone through all their settings to make sure I am not blocked,do not disturb etc. It's my sister and we text several times a day and now I have to be constantly looking at my phone to check if there is a message.

Any other thoughts? Thanks, Cathy. Solution 1 worked. I'm new at this iphone and I didn't know the half moon meant do not disturb. Thank you. I have on several occasions brought up the control center accidentally and I must have touched the button when I did that.

Thank you again. Thank you guys …!! You can understand the happiness after resolving that freaking iPhone issues by yourself. Ever grateful to you guys. Otherwise it will only notify you if the message is from favorites or names in your address book.

I am having the exact same issue with the person I text the most. I have done everything you suggested and have found no fix. It's very frustrating.


How to Change the Text Message and Other Notification Sounds on Your iPhone


iphone 4s notification sounds for android


Download Notification Sound Ringtones for free to your Android, iPhone and Windows Phone mobile and tablet. Get the best free notification sound Ringtones for your mobile device and download MP3 or M4R from Appraw. Mar 04,  · This article will teach you how to customize your iPhone notification sound. How to Customize iPhone Notification Sound. To set your personalized iPhone notification sound, follow these steps: 1. Go to your phone’s Home screen and open your iPhone’s Settings. 2. From your device’s Settings, scroll down to the middle part and tap on Sounds. 3. You are now on your iPhone’s sound’s . Oct 25,  · While you can’t change the notification sounds of most third-party apps on iOS, you can change a lot of the default system sounds, such as the noise your iPhone makes when it rings, you get a new text message, voicemail, or email, you get a calendar event or reminder alert, or you send an email or file through AirDrop.